With our experts, you get familiar with the power of this technology and generate profits beyond your imagination. We do not just deliver a crypto platform for the sake of doing our job, we pursue perfection at every front and achieve it with an insightful approach towards development. One potential drawback of the product is the lack of native support for hardware wallets such as Ledger and Trezor.

white label crypto exchange software

In this way, entrepreneurs can discover ways to get around the crypto industry with no learning curve. Users can make decisions faster and maximize profits by quickly white label exchange closing trades. A built-in and algorithmically audited mechanism enables the provision of secure, risk-analyzed, and crypto-based short- and medium-term loans.


Over the past decade, customer expectations have changed dramatically, raising the bar for customer service. Good tech support should pay attention to customer feedback and pass that information on to the development team. In X Open Hub, each customer is assigned to a dedicated customer manager with 24/5 support. Integration of FTX pay will also let users purchase Ethereum cryptocurrency from Reddit-supported apps, which can be used to pay blockchain network fees for their Community Points transaction, according to a statement from the exchange.

white label crypto exchange software

The company runs a US-based digital asset exchange, PayBito & digital asset payment processor, BillBitcoins. They also offer Exchange solutions, payment processor software, ICO services, and customized blockchain use case development. It propels advancement in technology through Blockchain programs and its investment arm, Satoshi Angels.

General Features

With a white label solution, you can get your exchange up and running quickly and with relatively little hassle. You don’t have to worry about building the platform from scratch or dealing with all the regulatory issues – that’s all taken care of. The cloud hosting option provides high availability and smooth auto-scaling https://xcritical.com/ management for consistent user experience. Shift Markets provides cryptocurrency exchange solutions, brokerage how to become a cryptocurrency broker trading technology, and aggregated liquidity to a global clientele. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in New York City, Shift Markets also has locations in Europe and Asia.

  • If offering good customer service is high on your priority list, then hiring a WL service is an excellent decision.
  • We help you establish your own crypto exchange with first-rate cryptocurrency exchange platform development.
  • You have several options in regards to engaging in this field; whether you want to be an affiliate or an introducing broker of a renowned Forex brokerage company/crypto exchange or establish your own currency trading platform from the ground up.
  • Selecting WL software that will provide you with the resources and support you need to start a successful exchange is one way to do this.
  • At GetApp, our comprehensive software listings, verified user reviews, software evaluation scorecards, product comparison pages and articles will empower you to make confident and well-informed purchase decisions.

Your future clients will interact with the platform more often than with your brand or website. The points will exist in the blockchain and be stored in a Vault, the users’ crypto wallet, and can be used to vote on decisions and reward creators on the platform. LXSuite gives your brokerage the technology and stability it needs to succeed.

Our Crypto Exchange Platform Development Services

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore, ChainUp is pursuing a comprehensive global operating strategy with subsidiaries operating in Tokyo, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, Toronto, and other countries. B2Broker acts as a partner, providing state-of-the-art solutions and helping to expand business opportunities through the creation of a secure, transparent and high-tech infrastructure. The company has a very wide range of customers from different industries located around the world.

white label crypto exchange software

Now that you know what White Label solutions are and how they help the exchange business, as well as the areas in which such solutions are applied, it’s time to consider the top 10 exchange solutions based on the White Label model. Reputable software companies evaluate the market and upgrade their solutions to satisfy client demands. Platforms should be updated frequently to fulfill security standards and work flawlessly on the newest operating systems.

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Start your own cryptocurrency exchange with the high-profit White Label software from XCritical. Save time on a long development process and obtain a fully functional business solution without delay. Since the beginning of the last year, the volume of digital currencies transactions has increased by over 40%.

You also need to know that OpenDAX allows you to use the integration of third-party software to expand customization options and build the infrastructure of the future exchange. This article will help you understand what White Label solutions are and how they help the exchange business. At the end you will learn about the top 10 White Label exchange solutions in 2023. Many WL partners care about the ability to customize the look and feel of the platform. In most cases, technology providers only offer color and icon customization. In X Open Hub, you can not only customize the login panel and platform view settings but also place your own applications in stores with your company’s logo.


There are several key benefits that B2Broker’s customers may expect to get from using Centroid’s technology. Using Centroid technology and B2Broker’s superior liquidity offering, you can trade over a thousand instruments across seven asset classes with one margin account. There are a few different ways to start a crypto exchange, but one of the most efficient and inexpensive ways is to use a white label solution.

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